In order to achieve its target of reducing GHG emissions by 37.5% by 2030, but also to position itself in the economic transition underway, the Government of Quebec recently launched a process to develop its new 2030 Electrification and Climate Change Action Plan. 

Dunsky is pleased to announce that our President, Philippe Dunskywill lead the group tasked with advising government on its electrification strategy. Specifically, his working group will recommend flagship measures to significantly accelerate the electrification of buildings, transportation and industry, while also improving energy efficiency. For this task, Philippe will be supported by 18 leaders and experts from a cross-section of the provincial economyas well as his own team of 30 specialists. 

During the event launch, accompanied by Quebec’s Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, M. Benoit Charette, Philippe and his team presented the results of a far-reaching modelling study into how Quebec can decarbonize its economy. Readers can view a French-language infograph here, or download the full (French-language) report here.