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Our Values

Values aren’t just a corporate buzzword at Dunsky; they drive every business decision, from who we hire to how we conduct our work to our commitments to our team and our partners.

This means pursuing projects we believe in, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional value that will drive change, and creating an internal culture where everyone is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.


We work tirelessly to ensure that our work is conducted to the highest standards, and that we are either leading, or abreast of, the latest innovations in our field.


We are duty-bound to provide our clients with consistent, honest and unbiased analysis and counsel. Integrity is our North Star.


We treat both clients and staff as partners, committing ourselves to their objectives, being responsive to needs, and going the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.


We drive positive change by advancing clean energy solutions, minimizing our own environmental footprint, and supporting those who encourage responsible stewardship of the planet.


Dunsky has a rich history of corporate leadership in sustainability. As a B Corp we measure success in three ways: People, Planet and Financial Performance (Profit). Here are some of the ways we live our values every day.

Our DNA has triple-bottom-line written all over it. Since Day 1, Dunsky has been focused on the three Ps: People, Planet and financial Performance. In fact, it’s a philosophy that inspired our founder when he was a teenager, scooping ice cream at Canada’s first ever Ben & Jerry’s shop!

Below are some of the many ways we put this philosophy into practice:

  • Relocating our Montreal office to the Maison du développement durable, one of North America’s first ever LEED Platinum buildings;
  • Striving for gender equity across the organization;
  • Increasing diversity within the team;
  • Procurement guidelines that emphasize local, independent and green suppliers;
  • Offsetting remaining emissions (mostly air travel) and securing the independent Carbon Neutral Business certification.

For Dunsky, B Corp has become more than a certification; it’s in our DNA. Woven into our KPIs and etched in our letters patent, it’s become the heartbeat of our team.

To get inspired, consult the B Corp website or contact Dunsky’s Director of Operations, Marie-Noel Ouellet.

Dunsky is a certified carbon-neutral business. As part of the certification process, Dunsky works with Planetair to quantify our GHG emissions.

As a B Corp, we constantly look for ways and take steps to reduce our GHG emissions at the source where possible. Carbon offsetting is not an end in itself, but rather a tool in the effort to combat climate change, which allows for the neutralization of emissions that our firm (and others) wish to eliminate entirely.

Being a carbon-neutral business is part of our values as a mission-driven organization committed to making a positive impact.

Every year, 2% of our gross revenue is donated to different charities. Since our inception, we’re proud to have donated over $900,000 CAD to charities that support social justice, environmental protection and more.

To share the pleasure of giving, we also invite our clients to choose beneficiary organizations that are dear to them. 

Big or small, local or global, we’re happy to support others working to make the world a better place.

Diversity and inclusion have always been core values of Dunsky and front of mind for us as an organization. In recent years, we have and continue to take actions to institutionalize and protect these values. 

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