We help our clients build a sustainable energy future.

We focus on three key pillars of sustainable energy.




Our Focus Areas

We serve our clients in three ways.


What can be achieved?
At what cost (and benefit)?


How do we make it happen?
With which tools?


What have we achieved?
How can we do better?

Our Services

Our team is dedicated to delivering results.

Meet our Team
  • For years you have contributed to our programs’ success through strategic support, innovative programs, consistent rigor and exceptional responsiveness to our needs.

    Chief, Energy Efficiency Planning and Integration

  • Dunsky is committed, smart, strategic, compelling and led by one of the most forward-thinking people in our business today.

    Director, Planning & Evaluation

  • Responsiveness to client needs is clearly a Dunsky priority.

    Director of Strategy

  • Great ability to synthesize large amounts of material and provide clear, distilled recommendations. High quality work produced on a challenging and complex topic.

    Chief Program Development

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