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Kind, Collaborative, Curious and Impact-driven

Joining Dunsky means joining a team of professionals that share these four qualities.

Our Kindness makes working together a pleasure. Our Collaboration allows us to learn from one another, rounding out our understanding and accelerating our growth. Our Curiosity drives an innate push to go deeper, beyond cookie-cutter solutions, and deliver top-quality work for our clients. And that quality work feeds our ultimate goal: to maximize our Impact.

Open Positions

  • Software Developer: we are currently seeking a Software Developer to lead the continued development of our innovative energy models. The selected candidate will work closely with our senior technical and business leads to refine and expand Dunsky’s suite of economic and technological models, which we leverage to support clients with evidence-based decision-making as they progress toward their decarbonization targets.
  • Consultant – DSM: Do you have expertise in utility demand-side management programs? Do you have experience evaluating large-scale decarbonization opportunities, crafting effective strategies, and assessing their impact? If so, join our dynamic team at Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors. We are looking for rigorous, collaborative and curious colleagues to help accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

Why Work at Dunsky

Flexible Hours

We promote a healthy work-life balance, which is why flexible schedules and hybrid work are part of working at Dunsky.

Collaborative Culture

Dunsky is a respectful, positive and collaborative environment. We believe that how we work together is as important as what we do.

Our Colleagues

Join and learn from a team of industry-leading professionals who are not only experts in their fields but are also genuinely supportive and collaborative, and who create a warm and welcoming work atmosphere.

Commitment to Sustainability

Each of us truly believes in the importance of living our lives in a more sustainable way. We contribute to this cause through our work and our daily choices.

Professional Development Opportunities

As a learning organization, Dunsky invests in ways for our team to grow their skills, stay current, and increase their impact. Read about the details of our approach here.

Impact of Our Work

Our clients are pivotal actors in the energy transition, steering policy, investment, and generating and supplying energy. Consequently, our team has the opportunity to engage with decision-makers who have a direct impact on the pace and shape of the energy transition.


We are committed to maintaining a workplace where all employees can bring their whole selves to work, feel valued and respected, contribute their unique perspectives, have equal opportunities to thrive, and feel a sense of belonging.

Inviting Offices

Our offices in Montreal and Toronto, as well as our co-working space in Vancouver, provide our team with modern, bright and green workspaces in which to both collaborate and focus. We also supply an unlimited supply of coffee, chocolate and other treats, because they’re part of life’s little pleasures.


Individuals are drawn to Dunsky for the chance to make a meaningful impact on the environment and the energy transition. Our team is motivated by their concern for our planet, their desire to work with influential actors in the transition, and their love of tackling complex problems. They see Dunsky as a place where they can contribute significantly to the fight to combat climate change.

The first year at Dunsky is one of adaptation and learning, with a strong emphasis on collaboration. New team members get accustomed to our workflow and are supported by a team that values curiosity, excellence and empathy, fostering a strong sense of culture even in virtual settings.

No two days are the same at Dunsky. Team members typically juggle several projects simultaneously, engaging in varied activities like conducting research, doing quantitative analysis, developing models, and interacting with diverse clients. Projects can range from designing energy efficiency programs for municipalities to identifying renewable technology mixes for remote communities to understanding the load impacts of electrification on utility grids.

Our team works on a wide array of projects for our utility, government, corporate and non-profit clients. This variety reflects our commitment to addressing a broad spectrum of energy and climate challenges. Project size varies as well, ranging from short projects of a few weeks, to longer-term projects that run for over a year. All projects are delivered by teams that typically include a project manager and two or more analysts and other subject-matter experts. The common theme is that all of our projects have an impact in addressing climate change and accelerating the energy transition.

Based on feedback, our team appreciates the variety and significance of their projects, enjoying the opportunity to tackle new challenges and contribute to meaningful change. They also appreciate our authentic culture where they can be themselves and where they can collaborate with kind, curious and driven colleagues.

Every role comes with challenges; we typically hear from the team that challenges include navigating diverse project demands and adapting to new information and scenarios as projects unfold.

The work culture at Dunsky is often described as “thoughtprovoking“, “rewarding” and “people-centered”, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to intellectual engagement, impactful work, and a kind and collaborative community.

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Marie-Noel Ouellet

Vice President, Operations