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Intuition is Great, but Data is Better

Our suite of proprietary models  supports utilities, system operators, governments and other actors to assess potential, forecast adoption and determine the impact of clean energy solutions under an array of scenarios and technical, economic and market constraints.

Built on tried-and-tested methodologies that employ the latest market intelligence, leading-edge industry practices, and advanced modeling techniques, our models have been applied in the most progressive clean energy jurisdictions, and have withstood the toughest scrutiny .

What’s more, our suite of models provides detailed analysis of specific technologies and sectors, seamlessly integrating into scalable solutions that offer unparalleled insights for load forecasting, system planning, portfolio planning, policy development, and more. Combined with insights from our team of expert analysts and strategies, our models provide powerful tools to help clients make their most important planning and investment decisions.

Model 1

DEEP™ – Demand & Energy Efficiency Potential Model

Model 2

SAM™ – Solar Adoption Model

Model 3

Utility worker using tablet in front of transmission tower

DROP™ – Demand Response Optimized Potential Model

Model 4

EVA™ – Electric Vehicle Adoption Model

Model 5

ᴱ FLEET™ – Fleet Electrification Adoption Model

Model 6

HEAT™ – Heating Energy Decarbonization Model

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Dunsky Retrofit Financing Model