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A Career With Impact

Dunsky is a growing, mission-driven company (B-Corp certified) that is dedicated to accelerating the transition to a clean energy future.

We seek out colleagues who are passionate, rigorous in their approach, and who love to solve complex problems in a collaborative setting.

Team Testimonials

As an Analyst at Dunsky, I get to work on one interesting project after another. I gather data, conduct quantitative analysis, help develop tools and models, and help design and evaluate programs and policies. Whether energy efficiency, EV adoption, or renewable energy and storage, it’s exciting to advance clean energy projects.

Emma Hill, Principal Analyst

What do I love about Dunsky? Stellar colleagues; impactful and innovative projects; many learning and progression opportunities; a strong admin backbone; a semi-strong frisbee team; and of course: funny GIFs.

Lorenzo Daieff, Senior Consultant

Dunsky provides the opportunity to connect with forward-thinking leaders, offering tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Lauren McNutt, Managing Consultant

At Dunsky, the impact of our work goes hand-in-hand with the well-being of our team.

Audrey Yank, Consultant

My daily inspiration stems from seeing the significant influence of our projects, driven by our exceptional team and the forward-thinking ambition of our clients.

Alex Newhook, Senior Analyst

Working at Dunsky means being part of diverse and fascinating projects that address the energy transition in concrete terms. Our analyses and reports, which are often public, are seen by decision-makers, which allows the work I do to have a direct and significant impact on the transition!

Phil Beaudoin, Associate Consultant

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Marie-Noel Ouellet

Vice President, Operations