We’re passionate about building a sustainable energy future.

We are always interested in meeting talented people who would like to join our team.  If you are excited about what we do and have a background in energy efficiency, renewable energy, or clean mobility, contact us.


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Senior Consultant – Clean Energy Transition

You’re passionate about the transition to a clean energy future and have the leadership and skills needed to advise clients on energy efficiency, renewable energy or clean mobility strategies? Learn more
Dunsky Energy Consulting

“Dunsky provides great benefits, an energizing workplace atmosphere, and, as an advocate for the environment, the satisfaction of meaningful work.”

David Baumann

Why work at Dunsky? Because professional development is a real concern, because we feel truly heard, and because we have the opportunity to suggest innovative ideas and help achieve them. Elsa Joly

“Dunsky provides the opportunity to connect with forward-thinking leaders, offering tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.”

Lauren McNutt

Why Work at Dunsky


We make a difference. Leading North American decision-makers and influencers seek our advice and support

Commitment to Sustainability

Each of us truly believes in the importance of living our lives in a more sustainable way. We contribute to this cause through our work and our daily choices.

Collaborative Culture

Dunsky is a respectful and collaborative environment. We believe that how we work together is as important as what we do.

Learning Opportunities

Whether through innovative projects, conferences, trainings or our bi-weekly lunch and learns, learning is an integral part of the job at Dunsky. We are committed to our team’s professional development.

Flexible Hours

We promote a healthy work-life balance, which is why flexible schedules, working from home and summer schedules are part of working at Dunsky.

Coffee and Chocolate

Unlimited supplies of both, and more. Because they’re part of life’s little pleasures.