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We Invest in Our People

As a learning organization, Dunsky invests in ways for our people to grow their skills, stay current, and increase their impact. This includes:

Dunsky serves a diverse and sophisticated group of clients. This provides the opportunity for our team to be part of cutting-edge projects across a range of areas that impact the energy transition, and exposes them to emerging technologies and innovative solutions.

Read more about our latest projects by visiting our Projects page.

We are committed to being leaders in our field. Consequently, our firm actively participates in a variety of industry associations and boards. Our people can take advantage of firm association memberships or get directly involved by running for board and committee positions.

Each year, we commit to having 75% of our team publish, present or participate in industry groups / market-facing activities.

Clients rely on our team’s rigorous and proactive project management approach to deliver results on time, and on budget. To support our team in the delivery of projects, senior members of the firm host a monthly Project Manager Forum to share best practices, recent successes and learnings, and ensure consistent processes across the firm. Recent topics include:

  • Effectively managing project scope
  • Running efficient meetings
  • Proposal writing best practices
  • Understanding the PM triangle (quality, schedule, budget)
  • Effectively managing project teams
  • Client support best practices

We believe that coaching empowers people to grow and to deepen the impact of their work. That is why everyone on our team has access to internal coaching and can offer their own time as a coach.

All members of the team also receive an individual professional development budget that can be used for learning and development activities.

During a team member’s first year at Dunsky they are asked to develop a professional growth vision, or plan. The goal of this plan is to ensure that:

  • team members can share their aspirations and understand how they can grow at Dunsky;
  • managers have a better understanding of the team member’s aspirations;
  • annual professional development objectives and activities are aligned this longer-term plan.

We encourage team members to enroll in training courses or conferences that are aligned with their professional development goals and their responsibilities at Dunsky. Each year, team members are allocated a generous professional development budget to spend on courses, conference attendance and other professional development activities.

Screenshot of Dunsky team Zoom call

Led by members of our team as well as guest speakers, these sessions cover the latest topics impacting the energy transition, including deep dives into firm projects. Recent sessions include:

  • Forecasting the Cost of Building Renewables and Storage in Canada
  • A Roadmap for Decarbonizing Businesses
  • Case Study in Building a Passive House (haus)
  • Designing an Equity Framework for EV Charging Deployment
  • The Ins and Outs of Designing Fleet Electrification Roadmaps
  • Forecasting EV Infrastructure Needs Across Canada
  • Energy Management Systems to Avoid Utility Service Upgrades to Residential Buildings
  • Decarbonizing the Concrete Industry
  • Workforce Considerations to Reaching Net-Zero
  • DERs VGI and Dynamic pricing
  • A Roadmap for a Net Zero Healthcare Sector in Quebec

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Marie-Noel Ouellet

Vice President, Operations

Marie-Noel is Dunsky’s Director of Operations. She supports and implements the firm’s strategic plan and oversees our professional development strategy.