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Incentives alone won’t move the needle enough. For change to be sustainable, markets need to provide the right information at the right time in consumers’ decision-making processes. That’s why NEEP, the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, commissioned Dunsky to develop a comprehensive white paper and roadmap for policies designed to ensure (at a minimum) that buyers, owners and renters/lessors alike are made aware of a building’s energy performance before they sign on the dotted line.

Dunsky reviewed worldwide experience with similar policies, and distilled an array of complex options and considerations for Energy Rating, Disclosure and Upgrade policies, for both homes and buildings. We then laid out an adaptable roadmap to implementation, distinctly for residential, institutional and commercial markets. The white paper went on to inform rating policies in several U.S. states and beyond.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has advised clients on a broad array of enabling strategies. These include energy performance benchmarking and disclosure for both homes and buildings; training and certification systems for both efficiency and renewables; “Green Button” energy consumption disclosure policies; a variety of innovative financing mechanisms; removing regulatory barriers to shared mobility; and others.

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