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Dunsky is excited to report that the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) is officially coming to Canada! We have been supporting the adoption of this tool in the Canadian market for several years now, working with the MaRS Discovery District and The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to convene stakeholders (including building portfolio managers, ESCOs, utilities and governments) to explore the potential of adapting ICP to the Canadian market. In fact, our 2015 study on high-value commercial building sector energy efficiency opportunities found that there was a need for a recognized tool to standardize energy efficiency project finance and attract investors. Enter the ICP…

ICP combines commonly-held credentials and quality control protocols to create a globally applicable underwriting standard for developing and measuring energy efficiency retrofits. It aims to give building owners and lenders an easy-to-follow tool that builds the confidence needed to make (and buy) investments in energy efficiency opportunities.

Dunsky is excited to see this important tool enter the Canadian marketplace, and to continue to support its adaptation to the Canadian building and utility communities.

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