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Dunsky is pleased to share a new report for our client that evaluates the value and impact of non-energy benefits (NEBs) of six efficiency programs from 2017-2019. Energy efficiency is a critical tool in reducing GHG emissions and stabilizing the grid. Increasingly, utilities and governments are evaluating the non-energy benefits (NEBs) of energy efficiency programs to understand the additional value they bring people, how they can be leveraged to optimize the cost-effectiveness of program offerings, and how NEBs can be better integrated into decarbonization strategies.

“Great energy efficiency programs put the customer front and centre to prioritize what matters to them,” said Raegan Bond, partner at Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors and the firm’s lead on the IESO study. “By quantifying the value of NEBs, the IESO is taking a 360-view of customers to ensure funded programs and related communications are tailored to their audience and have the greatest chance at success.”

Our firm’s study quantified NEBs in each of the seven sectors served by the IESO programs and assessed how these values might be included in cost-effectiveness testing. We also gathered qualitative information about NEBs and identified how NEBs can be used to meet IESO program design, marketing, and policy objectives. The study included four stages including screening and review of NEBs with industry experts to identify the most relevant NEBs for each sector, participant surveys that collected quantitative and qualitative data for each sector, NEBs quantification that combined survey data with program tracking data and a cost-effectiveness guideline review to understand how NEBs could be captured in the IESO’s cost-effectiveness tests. The results of the study can be seen on the IESO’s website.

We encourage those in other jurisdictions looking to quantify the value of NEBs and integrate them into decarbonization planning to contact us to learn more about our robust research and strategic counsel in this area.

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Founded in 2004, Dunsky supports leading governments, utilities and others across North America in their efforts to accelerate the clean energy transition, effectively and responsibly. Working across the buildings, renewable energy and clean mobility sectors, we support our clients through three key services: we assess opportunities (technical, economic, market); design strategies (programs, plans, policies); and evaluate performance (with a view to continuous improvement).

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