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When New Brunswick Power was tasked with leading demand-side management in the eastern Canadian province, it turned to the Dunsky team for support. We began by assessing the cost-effective and achievable potential for energy efficiency and demand response across the province. Then, working with NB Power and its partners, Dunsky designed a comprehensive plan that includes a full suite of energy efficiency programs and innovative demand response initiatives.

Our work was extended to a broader array of services, including technical, planning, strategic and regulatory support. We notably advised on new financing strategies, assessed the potential for demand response, provided training to management, devised cost-effectiveness frameworks, and worked to transfer knowledge to the company’s growing demand-side management team. During the hearings process, we assisted with team preparation, mock hearings, responding to written interrogatories, and testifying. After our president’s successful testimony before the utilities board, New Brunswick’s first comprehensive, integrated electric DSM plan was approved without change.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has provided similar support to clients such as Efficiency Maine Trust, Efficiency Nova Scotia, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Hydro-Quebec, and Manitoba Hydro. Work has included developing comprehensive plans for efficiency, clean energy and sustainable mobility, reviewing and optimizing existing portfolios, engaging with stakeholders and the public, developing internal policies and frameworks, training staff, and testifying at regulatory hearings.

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