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When Lowe’s decided to improve the energy efficiency of their operations, they turned to the Dunsky team. Across a fleet of over 400 stores, we developed a plan that will deliver cost-effective energy savings of more than 20% in three years.

After acquiring RONA in 2016, Lowe’s Canada was ready to invest in energy productivity as part of its sustainable development strategy. Dunsky helped the hardware retailer design a three-year investment plan that will yield significant operational savings and exceed the financial hurdle rate. That plan is now being implemented.

This project had three phases. First, we conducted a general analysis of the energy efficiency challenges and opportunities for Lowe’s building stock and vehicle fleet, including building energy audits and discussions with internal stakeholders. Second, we produced a short-list of prioritized actions and a three-year investment plan for their implementation . Finally, we helped refine Lowe’s corporate Energy Efficiency Strategy.

Projects currently being implemented include LED lighting replacements, HVAC retrofits and updated building management systems, all of which provide tangible benefits to Lowe’s triple bottom line.

We’re eager to use the lessons learned in this project to help bring these advantages to corporate building stocks and fleets across North America.

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