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Dunsky conducted a strategic review of Manitoba Hydro’s Affordable Energy Program. Our review focused on identifying lessons learned from best practices and leading programs in North America; finding opportunities for program improvement; and advising on the framework and methodologies for both impact evaluations and cost-effectiveness analysis.

This program review included both a high-level, strategic review and a more detailed, process-focused analysis. The Dunsky team conducted an in-depth assessment of the flow of program processes and program delivery channels, marketing activities, and expectations of program participation. We also addressed specific issues such as access to lower income customers in rental properties; incentive levels (including customer co-payment levels); and hurdle rates used in assessing cost-effectiveness. This review led to several recommendations for program optimization.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has conducted numerous strategic reviews, both at the program and the plan (portfolio) levels, for clients such as the Ontario Power Authority (now IESO), Hydro-Quebec, Manitoba Hydro, BC Hydro, Efficiency Nova Scotia and others.

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