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Alberta’s Climate Change Office recently retained the Dunsky team to develop the first suite of energy efficiency programs to be administered by the newly-created Energy Efficiency Alberta. Our team began by assessing the costs and benefits of a broad array of energy efficiency, clean energy and sustainable mobility program opportunities, allowing the Office to prioritize.

Dunsky was then tasked with designing four unique programs: a residential program using innovative market strategies; a retail program aimed at key appliances, lighting and electronics; a broad-based program for commercial customers; and, an aggressive, multi-pronged solar strategy. Dunsky conducted market analysis, examined best practices and lessons learned from elsewhere, designed program parameters, assessed associated budgets and KPIs, and developed RFPs for third-party delivery.

Similar Projects: Dunsky has designed a broad array of clean energy programs and plans, covering all sectors and market segments, including incentives, financing, regulatory and other tools, for dozens of clients across North America.

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