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Dunsky is pleased to congratulate its client, the Government of Québec, on the launch of its 2023-2030 EV Charging Strategy.

Supported by $764M over five years (appr. $250M of which was previously announced), the Strategy – developed with significant Dunsky support – is designed to ensure ample charging infrastructure is available to accommodate the rapid growth in EVs now required by law in the province.

The new Strategy addresses key market segments:

  • Home Charging: 35% of parking spaces in multifamily buildings to be EV Ready by 2030 (supported by new construction regulations and an ambitious new $108 million EV ready retrofit program for existing buildings). Recognizing the need for demand management, as of 2024, incentives will be limited to connected chargers.
  • Public and Workplace Charging: significantly increasing the number of public fast and Level 2 charging stations to a total of 6,700 and 110,000, respectively, by 2030 (supported by an additional investment of $265 million in the government’s program to support third parties to build public charging infrastructure),
  • Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles: taking the first steps toward a charging network for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, supported by a significant initial investment of $35 million, as well as other support for major projects in MHDV charging,
  • Indigenous and Remote Communities: specific measures to support EV adoption in Indigenous and remote communities, such as the $7.25 million dollar investment in deploying independent fast chargers supported by battery storage for communities not on Hydro-Quebec’s grid.

Importantly, the Strategy also announced the development of a stronger regulatory and legal framework to govern EVs.

The chart shows Québec’s projection for total charging infrastructure needs to support provincial EV demand for 2025-2035.

Dunsky’s Clean Mobility team is proud to support our government, utility and corporate clients with the analytics and insights needed to decarbonize transportation, efficiently, effectively and at scale.

Read the full strategy on the Government’s website (in French only).

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