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In the U.S., ACEEE’s State Scorecard is well-known for benchmarking energy efficiency policies, investments and performance, and for encouraging friendly, cross-country competition. Now Efficiency Canada has retained Dunsky, in partnership with ACEEE, to build a Canadian scorecard system.

Efficiency Canada’s new scorecard will offer a comprehensive view of provincial energy efficiency activities, writ large: from buildings to industry, from transportation to cross-cutting initiatives, all energy-consuming sectors will be covered. And while no scoring system can be perfect, with our help, Efficiency Canada has already begun consulting with organizations across the country to develop a framework that reflects the unique nature of provincial energy efficiency initiatives and contexts. Dunsky is also helping Efficiency Canada develop data collection processes to streamline their efforts in populating the scorecard.

Dunsky is proud to be supporting Efficiency Canada on this important project.  We view the scorecard as an invaluable tool for the energy efficiency industry in Canada, and an important strategy to ensure that Canadians have access to best-in-class programs and policies for years to come.

Efficiency Canada was officially launched on November 1, 2018.  It is the nation’s voice for energy efficiency.

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