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We’re thrilled to share that Dunsky has been recertified as a B-Corp and this time, with our highest-ever score!

Our B-Corp journey started in 2014 when, according to Philippe Dunsky, a LinkedIn post caught his eye. He says:

“I read a LinkedIn post by Craig Ryan at the BDC about their newly acquired B-Corp certification. The announcement resonated with us deeply; this was the embodiment of our aspirations: a business that was deeply, systematically focused on triple bottom line. Within an hour of reading the post, our Operations Director, Marie-Noel Ouellet, and I sprang into action.”

Six months later, Dunsky stood proudly as the 4th B-Corp in Quebec. Our initial score of 94.5 on B-Corp’s Impact Assessment comfortably surpassed the median score of 50.9 for ordinary businesses, a reflection of the practices we were already cultivating: nurturing employee growth, allocating 2% of revenue to donations, all while driving impact and ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction.

Throughout the years, we’ve continued to make changes to our practices, building on the core of what’s been in place from the beginning, including:

  • Relocating our Montreal office to the Maison du Development Durable, a building certified LEED NC Platinum,
  • Achieving gender equity in management,
  • Increasing diversity with the team,
  • Formalizing our purchasing guidelines with emphasis on local, independent, and green suppliers,
  • Buying carbon credits to compensate our air travel and most recently, obtaining a Carbon Neutral Business certification.

Nearly a decade on, B-Corp has become more than a certification; it’s in our DNA. Woven into our KPIs and etched in our letters patent, it’s become the heartbeat of our 50+ member-strong team.

We are grateful to Craig Ryan for the initial inspiration, to our clients who continue to support our mission for a low carbon world, and to our staff who embrace and live our values every day.

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