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Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors is pleased to announce that our President, Philippe Dunsky, has been appointed Chair of the Government of Canada’s new Canada Electricity Advisory Council.  

The Council will act as an independent, electricity-sector focussed, evidence-based advisory body that will provide advice to the Minister of Natural Resources to accelerate investment and promote the growth of sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity systems.  

In his role as Chair, Mr. Dunsky will set the direction and pace of Council activities and lead the overall work of the Council.  

The Council will provide recommendations and advice to the Minister and other stakeholders to support the development of Canada’s electricity systems. The Council’s advice will respect provincial and territorial jurisdiction over electricity systems, and focus on net benefits to all Canadians while driving progress towards Canada’s 2035 and 2050 net-zero goals. 

Read the news announcement from Natural Resources Canada. 


“Clean electricity is set to play the central role in Canada’s — and indeed the world’s — transition to a clean energy future. It can be produced without emissions, consumed efficiently, priced fairly, and used to enhance our competitiveness. I look forward to working with Council members to define the big moves needed to ensure that necessary infrastructure is built in ways that are timely, affordable and sustainable.” 

“This is a generational opportunity, for our climate and our economy. It will not be an easy lift, but it is one I’m convinced we can and must seize.” 

– Philippe Dunsky, President of Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors 

About Philippe Dunsky 

The founder of Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors, a specialized, 50-person consultancy, Philippe is a trusted advisor to both executives and policymakers across North America. 

Philippe’s work is informed by three decades of experience assessing markets, designing policies and programs, conducting techno-economic studies, building regulatory frameworks and defining market strategies. An avid public speaker, he is passionate about accelerating the clean energy transition in ways that are efficient, effective and support robust economic outcomes.  

Outside of his firm, Philippe contributes significantly to boards and advisory groups. He is currently Co-chair of Efficiency Canada, a Director of the Greater Montreal Climate Fund, and previously chaired the Quebec Government’s Electrification Working Group. He is fully bilingual and lives with his partner and two children in Montreal. 

About Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors 

Dunsky supports leading governments, utilities, corporations and others across North America in their efforts to accelerate the clean energy transition, effectively and responsibly. With deep expertise across the Buildings, Mobility, Industry and Energy supply sectors, our team of 50+ professionals supports clients in two ways: through rigorous Analysis (of technical, economic and market opportunities) and by designing or assessing leading Strategies (plans, programs and policies).  

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