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Interested in developing a plan to reduce your municipality’s GHG emissions? Looking for opportunities to “green” your social and affordable housing stock? Curious about offering innovative, low-cost financing to encourage homeowners to take on job-creating energy efficiency retrofits?

Starting Monday, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)’s Green Municipal Fund is presenting Webby Week: five days of interactive webinars covering the many ways they help Canadian municipalities plan, design and implement local sustainability projects.

The Dunsky team is proud to have supported the development of three of the initiatives to be covered in this webinar series: The Municipal Energy Roadmap, the  Sustainable Affordable Housing (SAH) initiative, and the  Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) initiative. We expect these initiatives to have tremendous impact in supporting municipalities and partners of all sizes to reach their climate and broader sustainability goals. More information and registration links for all five webinars is available below.

Monday June 22nd – The Municipal Energy Roadmap: A new tool to support your energy goals: This decision-support tool will help municipalities across Canada identify high-impact opportunities, key approaches, and effective technologies to reduce GHG emissions in municipal and community buildings.

Tuesday, June 23rd – The Sustainable Affordable Housing (SAH) initiative: This new $300 million initiative provides local affordable housing providers with grants, loans and other support to retrofit existing housing units and to construct energy-efficient new housing that emits lower GHG emissions.

Thursday, June 25th – Water: Invest in your community’s most important resource: From water conservation, to storm water quality, to septic wastewater systems, this webinar will outline the different ways GMF funding can improve and protect your community’s water systems.

Friday, June 26th – Toward land, waste, and transportation sustainability: Tune in to learn about how the GMF funds transportation, waste management and land use projects. You’ll learn about how you can successfully reduce GHG emissions, improve air quality and restore sites to productive use.

Monday, June 29th – The Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) initiative: This new $300 million initiative will support municipalities and their partners to create or scale up innovative financing programs that enable higher energy performance and lower GHG emissions in low-rise residential buildings. 

We hope you’ll tune-in to learn more about the myriad ways the FCM’s initiatives can support your goals. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team members who worked on these initiatives:

  • Pamela Cookson (Roadmap) – pamela.cookson[at]
  • Raegan Bond (SAH) –[at]
  • Alex Hill (CEF) – alex.hill[at]

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