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This is an excerpt from our 16th Anniversary newsletter. Read more to learn about our Projects, Clients, Tools, and Impact

Our founder, Philippe Dunsky, is the first to admit it; in 2004, he had no intention of building an organization. But his passion for quality work, clear communications and positive relationships—combined with a singular focus on accelerating the clean energy transition—was contagious. Sixteen years later, Dunsky is a team of 35 talented, experienced and passionate professionals, with more than 300 years of combined clean energy experience.

With a unique blend of technical and strategic perspectives, the Dunsky team is more than the sum of its parts. Our people come from utilities, governments, research institutes, business and non-profits, and have been executives and academics, engineers and economists, consultants and communicators. Importantly, they have addressed the challenges of clean energy at every level: from 50,000-foot policies, to on-the-ground implementation of market solutions, and everything in between.

Despite their varied backgrounds, our people share some common traits: They are kind – the sort of people who give more than they take; who always  have your back, whether you’re a teammate, a collaborator or a client. They’re whip smart – the very definition of curious, lifelong learners. They are collaborative, constantly helping one another and sharing their expertise and insights, both within and across projects. And they are deeply committed to getting it right, leaving no stone unturned in the drive to ensure that results are accurate, strategies are effective, and our clients have what they need to succeed.

During the gradual expansion of our team, we’ve maintained a mission-driven focus. If there are opportunities to grow our impact, we pursue them only if growing will enhance – not erode – the value we bring to our clients and to our team. And when growing, we follow a cardinal rule: we only hire people who truly excite us. In doing so, we’ve built a team of kind, knowledgeable, collaborative, professionals who care deeply about getting it right, for our clients, our planet and our shared future. If you’ve worked with us, you know that we mean it — if you haven’t, we hope you’ll consider giving our team a try.

We’re Celebrating our 16th Anniversary

Founded in 2004, the Dunsky team has grown over time into one of North America’s premiere clean energy advisory firms, with a team of 35 extraordinary professionals and a clientele of over 150 utilities, governments and other clean energy leaders.

As we enter our 17th year of business, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed. To kick-start that reflection, we’re shining a light on the things that matter most to us: our Projects, People, Clients, Tools, and Impact. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our history, as we look toward building a cleaner energy future.

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