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In 2014, Dunsky was one of the first companies in Quebec to become B Corp certified. “Benefits corporations”, or B Corps, are businesses who aim for a positive triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental. Dunsky  joined the likes of Patagonia, Green Mountain Power and Ben & Jerry’s, who are redefining success in business.

The B Corp business approach obviously resonates with many in the Montreal area, who recently attended an event that attracted over 150 people. Philippe Dunsky was among the guest speakers who were invited to explain their motivation for becoming a B Corp. What we heard included: “to provide an alternative vision of how we do business, to inspire staff, to measure what matters, to remain innovative, to join a growing network, and to provide benchmarks.” Each presenter had his/her reasons, but all agreed on the important and positive impact that business can have on solving social and environmental issues. We hope that our story, and that of other companies present at the event, will inspire many more businesses to adopt the standards promoted by the B Corp Certification.

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